Aromatic Selection

Meat with the taste of exceptional provençal herbs.

“Selection is an art” this is why we have spent years developing this “model”. Our experience has therefore become our Label: Aromatic Sélection.

Anthony Wypart

Join the adventure of the pioneers of pre-seasoned meat thanks to a unique selection of carefully prepared provençal herbs, accompanying the filling of each Blonde d'Aquitaine.

Enjoy to be convinced!

To believe in it, you just have to taste this unique meat from a breeding respectful of animal welfare, and carefully prepared with Provence herbs selected according to a unique feeding protocol of which the “Aromatic Sélection” brand conscientiously keeps the secret. .

The fulfillment of a dream, the dream of a lifetime

From a successful agricultural career, Anthony has been relying for many years on his passion for exceptional meat!

The unique taste

Provençal herbs & Blonde d'Aquitaine

From 2020

The start of a great adventure.

Production began in 2020 after many years of research, from breed selection, feed selection, location selection ...

"Everything is important, nothing is left to chance, every detail takes on value"

A. Wypart - Master producer


The fields

The herbs

Blonde d'Aquitaine